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Las Vegas Pigeon Removal

Do you need Las Vegas Pigeon Removal? Is your porch under attack from pigeon droppings? Have pigeons made a home on the roof of your business? Pigeons are an obnoxious pest that is nearly impossible to get rid of on your own. Along with the noise pollution caused by their constant cooing, pigeon nests spread disease and attract other pest such as rats bugs. The longer you let the birds stay, the harder it is to get rid of them. Contact Enviro Guard today and let the professionals remove the pigeons from your Southern Nevada home.

Adapted to Human Spaces

Pigeons flourish wherever humans live. Most species of pigeons build nests in high and inaccessible locations as a protection against predators. To a pigeon, your roof looks like the perfect place to raise a bird family. Pigeons inherently home, so once they’ve settled into your roof, they will keep returning. Even if you trap one and drive it out to the desert, the bird will immediately fly back to your house.

Health Risks

Unlike humans, pigeons live in their feces. As soon as they build a new nest, they start covering it in bird droppings. This is great for camouflaging baby pigeons from predators, but terrible for the health of you and your family. Bird poop carries disease and provides a perfect habitat for dangerous microorganisms. Pigeons are carry lots of disease they are all to happy to pass onto humans.

Property Damage

Pigeon habitation can cause substantial damage to your home or business property. Acidic pigeon droppings eat away at the roof and other surfaces of your house. This makes your home more susceptible to water damage, mold, and rot. If the birds can find a way in, they will build nests in your attic and insulation; spreading the waste inside your house. Pigeons also love to nest near air conditioning units. This is especially harmful as dander and feces particles will be sucked up by your air unit and distributed throughout the house.

Real Solutions for Las Vegas Pigeon Removal

Removing pigeons nests is dangerous and labor intensive. Proper protective gear including a respirator or heavy breathing mask must be used to avoid contracting respiratory infections. Pigeon nests are filled with waste, dander, and often dead birds. The area must be thoroughly cleaned with all trace of the birds removed. If any pigeon droppings are left behind, the birds will return. Once the next locations have been sanitized, pigeon deterrents must be installed to stop new nests from being built.

While other companies use toxic chemicals to clean away bird waste, Enviro Guard uses only green products safe for you and your family. Contact Enviro Guard to solve your Las Vegas Pigeon Removal problems once and for all.

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