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Las Vegas Spider Extermination

Do you need Las Vegas Spider Extermination? With an ample supply of cockroaches and grasshoppers, Southern Nevada is a paradise for desert spider, they love the warm and dry climates. While it’s true that spiders feed on other pests, their dangerous venom makes them unwelcome guests in your home. Spider bites are especially for older people, young children, people with compromised immune systems, and family pets. Let Enviro Guard make sure the spiders stay outside in the desert and away from your family.  Contact us for Las Vegas Spider Extermination today.

Black Widow

Black Widow

Extremely common in Southern Nevada, black widow spiders are well known for their distinctive red hourglass markings. Black widow venom contains latrotoxin, a highly dangerous neurotoxin. A single bite is very rarely fatal but can cause serious and painful reactions in the elderly, young children, and pets. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, chills, and pain have been reported in severe cases.  Multiple bites are extremely dangerous and death can occur if a person receives several bits in a short period of time without medical treatment. Eliminating large black widow populations from your home will protect against such attacks.

desert recluse spider

Desert Recluse

Often mistaken for its more well known cousin, the brown recluse, the desert reclusive is one of the most deadly spiders in Clark County. These brown spiders have markings which resemble violin strings leading to nicknames such as violin spider and fiddleback spider. By nature, recluse spiders avoid areas inhabited by humans. As cities have grown, new housing has been built further and further out into the desert and the habitats of recluse spiders. When surprised, desert recluse spiders will inject a powerful hemotoxin in defence. Recluse bites can cause muscle and joint pain along with rash, fever, and vomiting. In extremely rare cases, the venom will kill off red blood and skin cells, resulting in lesions and necrosis at the site of the bite.

Desert Brown Spider

Desert Brown Spider

Like other recluse spiders, the desert brown spider can be identified by its violin shaped markings. Fond of the dry and hot climate in Southern Nevada, this species prefers the outdoors at night. Indoors, they will seek out dark and hidden corners. They love abandoned places such as empty houses. If you have recently moved into a formerly vacant home, you will want to have a professional inspection. Desert brown spider bites are extremely dangerous. In addition to intense pain and swelling, their venom can cause the wound to become necrotic. Seek immediate medical attention if a member of your family or a pet has been bitten.

Wolf Spider

While they have eight eyes in total, wolf spiders are well known for the two dominant extra-large eyes which give the species their unique menacing visage. Their eyes will glow in the reflection of a flashlight. This “eyeshine” can be an unnerving sight late at night. Unlike other spiders, they do not spin webs and instead live in burrows. Wolf Spider females carry their unborn young in an egg sac attached to the abdomen, a behavior unique to this species. They prefer to avoid humans and will bite if surprised. Their venom is not deadly, but bites can be painful and may cause swelling and itching.


Vinegaroon/Sun Spider

Vinegaroons and Sun Spiders are often confused for spiders and for each other. While they are arachnids, they are only distantly related to spiders. Due to their reclusive nature, they are not often observed by humans and their strange appearance can cause alarm. If you see one, it likely means you have a large population on your property. Neither species produces venom. Sun spider bites can be painful, but do not require medical attention. Vinegaroons have a long tail similar to a scorpion but much thinner. They will leave a painful bite with their powerful mandibles. Vinegaroons also excrete formic acid, which smells like vinegar, as a defense mechanism. Never pick one up and bring it near your eyes.

Make Your Home Spider Free Today!

Trust Enviro Guard to provide Las Vegas Spider Extermination professional services and reasonable rates. Don’t wait around for other pest control companies to call you back. Our courteous exterminators are just a phone call away. We conduct a detailed examination of your property, identify pest issues, and provide detailed solutions. As the only certified green pest control company in the nation, you can be confident our methods are safe for the whole family. Don’t go another day living with a spider problem. Call us for Las Vegas spider extermination today.

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